The greatest of African Great Lakes – Lake Victoria

To this day, the title Lake Victoria evokes specific ideas in one’s thoughts. Notions of expedition, discovery, marvel, and enjoyment upon seeing this huge body of water for the first time.

There are actually certain pockets on the banks of Lake Victoria, and on islands in the lake on its own, where little has transformed since John Hanning Speke to begin with laid eyes on it in 1858.

Speke, the 1st European to observe the lake, gasped in awe and declared it to be “much more like an ocean than a pond, an exotic sea”.

Discussed through Tanzania, Kenya, as well as Uganda, the lake was actually recognized to locals long prior to Speke’s discovery. Locals had referred to it by a number of different labels, featuring Nyanza, Nam Lolwe, and also Nnalubaale.

Yet Speke named it after England’s onetime queen, as well as inevitably stated it the resource of the River Nile, which was substantially questioned during the time.

Since then, extensive research study has actually disclosed that it is in simple fact a significant source of the Nile as well as house to an abundant wide array of varieties house in and around the waters.

Lake Victoria Facts

Those that are actually brand new to the miracles of Africa may be talking to, what is Lake Victoria? Or even, a minimum of, what is appealing regarding it? This Lake Victoria quick guide is made to answer these inquiries, and a lot more.

The biggest pond in Africa – Lake Victoria dimension

With a surface of some 69,484 square kilometers, Victoria is actually the most extensive of Africa’s Great Lakes. It is actually one of the biggest freshwater lakes on Planet, second merely to Pond Top-notch in North The United States.

The Lake’s huge, strong winding coastline mores than 3,000 kilometers in duration as well as exists within the boundaries of three East African nations. Namely, Tanzania, Uganda, and also Kenya.

Near adequate one-half of the pond hinges on Tanzania, with a somewhat smaller sized part lying across the border to the north in Uganda. The rest of the Pond, around 6%, hinges on Kenya.

Exactly how centered is Lake Victoria?

Lake Victoria’s average intensity is actually around 40 gauges, yet the deepest factor arrives at up to 84 gauges. This might appear deep, but Lake Victoria is in fact considered an especially superficial pond.

Its own waters fill up a superficial clinical depression at the soul of the Equatorial Plateau as opposed to a deep-seated crack in the Earth. For scale, it deserves noting that the deepest pond in Africa, Lake Tanganyika, hits an unbelievable deepness of 1470 meters.

How outdated is Lake Victoria?

Lake Victoria is around 400,000 years old, which, in pond years, is actually certainly not extremely aged whatsoever. But it’s been through a whole lot in that time. Geological documentation recommends that it is actually run out at least 3 times in its life time.

Around 17,000 years ago, the lake dried up entirely as well as really did not return to its own previous glory up until greater than 2,500 years later. The water has actually remained since.

Lake Victoria’s fish

The moment property to over 500 species of fish, Lake Victoria was. That’s additional species than in some other lake on Earth, save Lake Malawi.

International pioneers taken with them a hunger for greater fish, as well as quickly unveiled some invasive varieties. The results were actually astonishingly bothersome for the environment. Over 200 of the original types went out, leaving some much deeper component of the pond ridden along with algae and also scree.

Even with this unfavorable disturbance, around 200 types of fish can be located throughout the pond today. And it is actually still a renowned angling place among locals as well as website visitors identical.

Top Lake Victoria Traveling Locations

While Lake Victoria isn’t exactly a tourism hotspot, it is house to some wonderful travel destinations. A number of which display the marvels of untamed Africa as well as whisk tourists far coming from the beaten track.

Listed here are some of the most ideal locations to visit around Lake Victoria.

Ssese Islands

An island chain of 84 isles in the Ugandan part of the Lake, the Ssese islands give a laid-back exotic atmosphere. An excursion below is best fit to those who delight in everyday life in the slow-moving street.

The major pasttime for guests is to sit back on the stunning white colored sand seasides and admire the picturesque natural environments. If you are actually keen for something a little bit even more lively, there’s typically a gathering atmosphere along Kalangala Gulf.

As welcoming as the pond may look, swimming in it is certainly not urged. There are actually threats related to bilharzia as well as some dangerous water-dwelling wild animals. While diseases incurred coming from the water are actually rare, website visitors to the lake are recommended to stay clear of contact with its water where achievable.

The largest and also most-frequented of the isles is Buggala Isle. It is actually merely a brief ferryboat experience coming from the Ugandan mainland and multitudes a series of inviting beach hotels as well as resorts. Citizens of surrounding Kampala may typically be actually discovered listed here, enjoying a weekend escape from the area.

Ngamba Island Monkey Refuge

A little bit of closer to the Ugandan financing, merely northeast of the Ssese Islands, lies Ngamba Isle. It is actually surrounded due to the elegance of the Pond, yet a gorgeous environment is actually much from all Ngamba must give.

The whole entire island is a chimpanzee haven, house to 49 orphaned chimps. Each one rescued coming from throughout the region as well as delivered right here to become cared for and also given refuge.

Website visitors to the isle can easily decide on in between outing and over night stays. You’ll get to experience close conflicts along with these fantastic apes. Attendees can easily likewise start fishing expeditions and also spectacular sunset cruise ships.

For those who want aiding the cause and acquiring some special adventure, medium-term volunteer plans are actually delivered.

Rubondo Island National Forest

Located in the south western corner of the lake, merely off the Tanzanian mainland, Rubondo Isle National Forest is actually the biggest of its own kind in Africa. It is actually an island national park, consisted of Rubondo Isle itself and also several much smaller, surrounding islets.

The playground is house to an excellent series of animal life, including giraffe, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, sitatunga, and monkeys to name a few. Discoveries of these animals may not be as usual listed here as in Africa’s finest safari parks, but a lot of them are actually still spotted consistently.

The park is actually also renowned for its extraordinary birdlife as well as world-class angling, with a strict catch-and-release plan.

The isles bring in a handful of audacious tourists annually, with a number of accommodation options available. It’s a clearly adventurous trip that shows off truth spirit of crazy Africa.

Speke Bay

There are actually some truly remarkable locations to see in Tanzania’s section of Lake Victoria. At Speke Bay, lifestyle appears to have proceeded the means it has actually done for many, many years (along with a handful of incongruous suggestions of the 21st century).

Site Visitors to Speke Gulf can participate in neighborhood anglers in a day of angling on the pond, listening closely and also using conventional procedures to the sportfishing tracks of old– about property, regarding fish, concerning life. Birdwatching is actually a preferred task below, as is unwinding due to the lake, taking pleasure in the peacefulness.

The sight of girls toiling in the business will certainly tell you that also today, daily life may definitely be tranquil.

Lukuba Isle

Venturing even further throughout the banks of the lake, you could stumble upon Lukuba Island, where display lizards sunlight themselves on large marble stones as well as terrific cormorants swoop and plunge at the water’s surface area.

Cruise from this island are a pleasure– particularly for bird viewers, who can easily devote several hours spotting different species. Lukuba Isle Lodge gives holiday accommodation for those that desire to stay overnight.


The Kenyan metropolitan area of Kisumu is the biggest city on Lake Victoria’s coasts. Originally established as a market city, the urban area is still property to a number of busy markets. If you are actually appearing for an item of the activity, Kisumu Key Market is actually a fantastic area to start.

Despite being the third-largest city in Kenya, Kisumu keeps an easygoing ambience. Have a look at Sanctuary to experience the attractions as well as audios of live Lingala music.

As well as pay a visit to Kisumu Gallery to uncover some social and historical context to the region. Its most remarkable exhibit is actually a practical leisure of a conventional Luo ranch.

When the sunlight is hanging low in the sky, mind to Hippo Factor, famous for its own stunning lakeside dusks (in addition to the occasional hippo discovery).


The primary urban area on Tanzania’s Lake Victoria banks is Mwanza, the second-largest area in the nation. It overlooks Lake Victoria, as yet is actually a far cry from the slow-paced, country villages around the Speke Gulf area, and the infusing serenity of the lake’s islands. Smallholder agriculture is actually prospering, as is fishing in the pond.

Mwanza airport terminal lies merely 10 kilometers coming from the town hall. This creates Mwanza the perfect stopover point for vacationers that have actually checked out the a lot more northern coasts of Lake Victoria, and also need to have to return to Arusha or even Dar es Salaam. And even attach to a tour to Zanzibar for a beach holiday.

Mwanza is also a good jumping-off place for those exploring Rubondo Island National Park or Speke Gulf.

Those that are actually brand-new to the surprises of Africa may be actually asking, what is Lake Victoria? Lake Victoria is actually around 400,000 years old, which, in lake years, is actually not terribly old at all.

The Kenyan metropolitan area of Kisumu is actually the biggest metropolitan area on Lake Victoria’s coasts. The primary urban area on Tanzania’s Lake Victoria coasts is Mwanza, the second-largest city in the country. It forgets Lake Victoria, yet is a much cry from the slow-paced, country villages around the Speke Bay location, and also the pervading serenity of the lake’s isles.

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