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Much of the time, brands open a Facebook fan page, start blogging, or post a video of someone from the office and wait for views or comments. The problem is, with no strategy behind your social media plan, even 1000 comments or views won't get you closer to success. Real Bullets Branding is a strategy and branding agency that helps clients enter the social media space by creating customized strategies for both online and offline branding.

Online StrategyStrategy:
We develop our plans with the modern business in mind and our strategies cover social media, product extension, new online revenue streams, partnership development, and even how to hire for social media positions within your company.

Whether you need some great ideas and a little direction or a full plan to enter a more modern phase of your business including partnerships, where you can sell your products online, and determining the best events for your company to attend, our strategies focus not just on 'likes' and 'followers' but how to move your entire business forward using the new communication tools set in motion by social media.

What Happens After Strategy?

We want our clients to have as much control over their social media plan as possible so we'll work with your team to determine where the strong and weak areas are. Real Bullets often helps with opening channels and getting them started, creating and managing partnerships and press, creating detailed plans for events, or new sales materials for your sales team.

Our more in-depth channel strategies determine the best messaging, topics, and media to use. This communication will use our holistic marketing method and could include to the best way to display your online success on your site to the best titles for your videos on YouTube.

We meet online community owners, site makers, bloggers, and generally awesome people all day long. We love leveraging our network to help our clients make friends online too whether it's on your Facebook page or it's a major new sales partner. Some of our clients have been working with partners that we introduced them to for years, and have seen traffic more than quadruple based on our carefully selected network for them.

The first 10 seconds that a visitor is on your site, blog, or Facebook Page is the most important. We have an extremely talented design team to rev up your brand look whether you need business cards, a Facebook Welcome Page and custom tabs, or a whole new site.

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